Monday, March 12, 2012

1986 Death Studios Ad

This Death Studios Ad could be found on page 59 of the December 1986 issue of Fango. The ad features some all-time great DS releases...
For the sake of archiving these each individually, and working around Bloggers image size limitations, here are some hi-res images of each mask featured in the ad...

Ed French sculpted half of the masks pictured in the ad beginning with the Elephant Man...
Death Studios - "Elephant Man" Mask
Ed French also sculpted "The Geek" mask, which is a re-sculpt of the Geek as seen in Geek Maggot Bingo . As well as the "Alfred" Mask...
Death Studios - "The Geek" Mask
Death Studios - "Alfred" Mask
 The Gargoyle mask was based on the creatures from the 1972 made for TV movie Gargoyles. According to Dr. Lady's Collector's Guide to Monster Masks, this mask was developed from the original Burman Studios prosthetic appliances!
Death Studios - "Gargoyle" Mask
 The last two masks were based off of comic characters, including Bill Griffith's "Zippy the Pinhead", and Richard Corben's "Jinn"...
Death Studios - "Zippy the Pinhead" Mask
Death Studios - "Jinn" Mask



  1. I remember when the first "Bernie Casey" Gargoyle mask arrived at Morris Costumes.... I could have had it for $45.oo.... They paint started to peel away from the rubber within only days... I used to stop and look at that mask whenever I had to walk through the office area...

  2. These vintage ads are brilliant, with the 'Alfred' mask being my personal favourite.

  3. I recently acquired a elephant man mask.

  4. Congrats Bryan! Those are not easy to come by.