Saturday, December 10, 2011

Johnson Smith Ads - Jart In My Head

It's entirely possible to assume that every kid who picked up a comic book or magazine during the 1960's, 70s or 80s was exposed to a Johnson Smith Ad. Memories of these ads must be permanently etched into multiple generations and millions of former kids everywhere. Within these ads, there was almost always a portion or two devoted to low cost budget masks. On special occasions, there may have even been a deluxe mask offered.

There are a couple of excellent posts on the Jart In My Head blog highlighting the mask ads of the Johnson Smith Company. Good info and pics, as well as a fun read! Here are a few pics I pulled from the posts...
Deluxe Demon Mask
Deluxe Planet of the Apes Mask
Deluxe Santa Mask
Deluxe Werewolf Mask
I'm not sure about the manufacturer of the Santa or the POTA mask, but the Werewolf and Demon masks pictured above were part of Morris Costumes 2000 line in the mid seventies that were likely produced by R. Quinn Studios.

Image Source: Jart In My Head

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