Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1970s Morris Catalog

In Saturday's post,  I made mentioned that some of the masks that appeared in those ads were from this catalog. I had a chance to throw it on the scanner yesterday, and here it is in hi-res glory...

I'm not sure of the exact year this Morris costume catalog was released. When I purchased this catalog it was described as a generic "1970's Morris Catalog", so until I find out any additional info, that's how I'll refer to it here.

The highlight of the catalog is the 2000 line of deluxe masks created by R. Quinn Studios. I started a thread over a the HMA on the subject. Some of the veteran collectors there that might be able to shed further light on these.
Cover 1970s Morris Costumes Catalog
It's interesting how within a decade the Morris costume catalog went from 8 pages to well over 400!
NOTE: A quick word on the watermarked pages. I try very hard to avoid watermarking materials that I post here. However, I have decided to  watermark as these, as they are easily reproduced on a copy machine. I want to avoid any unscrupulous sellers reproducing this catalog to sell as an original. I respect the hobby too much for materials found here to be reproduced and sold to unsuspecting buyers. So kindly forgive the watermarks.

1970s Morris 2000 Line Masks


  1. I used to help Jim Lawrence put these things together.... really brings back memories....
    Thanks.... the Doctor

  2. I had no idea that there was value in my old mask catalogs...

  3. That's amazing! Do you have any photos from back in the day?