Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Return of the HMA

Praise the lord, the HMA has returned! Talk about the icing on the cake for the long holiday weekend.
 In retrospect, it was only down a short while, but, it's a part of my daily routine. Quite literally, a part of my very fabric. Kinda like smoking. First thing in the morning, last thing at night before bed, probably even a few times during the day. Alright, probably more than just a few times. So I'm an HMA junkie, is that so bad?

 Anyway, it was well worth the wait. I eagerly logged into the beta version Friday night, and it's SO much more than I could have hoped for. EA and the team at the HMA have been busy. Very busy! A multitude of great blogs are up and running, and each was a wonderful read. Dr. Lady looks to be running two fun video blogs, "Cheapie Creepies" and "Mask-Fan-Attic". Again, LOVE it! I can't wait for another glimpse into Dr. Lady's attic. There could be anything lurking up there.

Now that my equilibrium has been restored, and everything feels right in the world again, I can't wait to see how everything evolves over at the epicenter of the mask universe.

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