Saturday, November 5, 2011

1998 Death Studios Catalog

The 1998 Death Studios Catalog featured a well-rounded line-up of monster masks. Monsters, Clowns, Werewolves, Aliens, Pumpkins and Classic characters, all were represented. Right click here to Download Hi-Res 300d.p.i. Version
Death Studios 1998 Catalog
The newest Death Studios werewolf mask, simply titled "Werewolf" was by far the largest and fiercest werewolf ever offered by DS. If I remember correctly, this beast was sculpted by John Smith...
Death Studios - Werewolf Mask
Steve Wang's "Razor" alien monster mask featured an super original design, and an intricate paint scheme...
Death Studios - Razor Mask

In response to the late 90's alien craze John Smith sculpted this large "Alien Grey". This alien is much larger than it looks. I saw the sculpture at Death Studios before the mold was made, and it was impressive in scale and detail...
Death Studios - Alien Grey Mask

Henry Alvarez contributed two pumpkin designs for the '98 line-up...
Death Studios - Vampire Pumpkin Mask
 Death Studios - Skull Pumpkin Mask
 The Big-Daddy Roth inspired "Slappy the Clown" was introduced to the Death Studio family in 1998 and would remain in the line-up for a few years...
Death Studios - Slappy Mask
One of my all-time favorite Death items debuted in '98, the massive and impressive "Demon Hands"...
Death Studios - Demon Hands Mask

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  1. At Morris costumes we received more than a few Prototypes from David Lady and Dave Ayres... I cannot now recall which was with Death Studios... any way they were having difficulties with getting their paints to stick to the rubber (it reminded me of a peeling sunburn) I am sure that they have this problem fixed by now... some of their sculpts were a bit "crude" back then....
    Thank you for these Wonderful posts...
    I really like your "icon" (the Phantom has been on of my all time favorite Horror Villains since my early Child hood... You are the only one other than Jim Lawrence that I could even discuss these topics....not many people are the least interested in the history of horror masks
    I posted a "shout Out" promoting your wonderful and (Really enjoyable) post praise from viewers to check out your Sites ...and have highest of praise of your posts and your extensive knowledge our praises
    I really Love having someone to share these old facts with....Please check out my blog.... And you as a follower would Be great...Would love to see the "Yellow Phantom" icon in my list of followers ....So check out some of my other Horror posts well as Bits of humor and a touch of madness....We would be honored to Have your Icon poster in the ever growing list of followers of the Crypt... As I said in previous The Phantom (1925) was one of my Childhood Idols...

  2. Thanks for the kind words and the shout out Doc! I'll definitely check out the blog.