Saturday, January 1, 2011

Don Post Studios Article - Modern Monster April 1966

Happy New Years creeps! The first post of the year appropriately belongs to Don Post. This article appeared in the April issue of Modern Monster Magazine in 1966 and features some excellent photos as well as a brief early history of the studio.  Modern Monster Magazine was published by Jim Matthews' Prestige Publications. Prestige also published the famous 1966 Monster Calendar featuring Don Post monster masks. Enjoy!
Original Don Post Fly mask!
 In addition to the article, several ads for Don Post products appeared in the issue which are included here.


  1. If I have an original how much do you think it's worth?

  2. Hi Anonymous-

    What do have an original of? The Calendar, or a mask?

  3. The calendar with the wolfman on front and the back has a bat and a black spider in a web. Inside there is pictures of frankenstein, wolfman, hunchback, the mummy, the mutant, count dracula, mr hyde, the moleman, the phantom of the opera, the creature from the black lagoon and the mad doctor.