Saturday, January 15, 2011

1994 Death Studios Catalog

 By the late eighties and early nineties Death Studios was considered by a good number of collectors, enthusiasts and haunters to be the premiere maker of monster masks. Having raised the bar year after year with the previous set of catalogs, Jeff Death did it once again with the 1994 catalog that featured some mask masterpieces.
1994 Death Studios Catalog (Front)
1994 Death Studios Catalog (Back)
Similar to the '93 catalog, in that it featured a great blend of new additions as well as some classic DS masks.  When looking back at the '94 line up, I think the conversation probably needs to start with "Bad Moon". Sculpted by Henry Alvarez, and modeled from the Howling werewolf, this massive mask measured 22" in height and 20" from ear to ear! Coupled with Dwight Shundo's "Werewolf Hands" this was (and still remains) one of most amazing masks ever offered by Death Studios.
Another all-time classic mask was introduced in the '94 catalog with Jordu Schell's "Healer". Featuring a super innovative design, this over-sized mask is so large, the the nostrils are the eye holes!

Personal copy of Death Studios - Bad Moon w/ Werewolf Hands
Personal copy of Death Studios - Healer
Also new to the 1994 line-up was "Ghengis" which was sculpted by Doug Goins and John Ramirez, "Carnage", Chris Hanson's super creepy "Jack in the Box", "Bone" and "Scratch".

In addition to the new masks, two new props and a puppet were introduced, including the "Cadaver", the "Screaming Dead", and the ridiculously cool "Maggot Puppet".

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