Friday, December 17, 2010

Distortions Ad - Predator & Leatherface

The full page color ad Distortions featured the licensed Predator and Leatherface series... now this is an ad that sent my senses spinning back in 1991! Is it just me, or is it crazy that in a few short weeks 1991 will be 20 years ago? Wow.
Distortions Predator and Leatherface Masks
The Predator series featured 3 different versions of the mask, with the deluxe Predator being the cream of the crop. The deluxe Predator was released in 1990 and was sculpted by Henry Alvarez. This huge mask came with the shoulder armor and had seperatly cast dreadlocks and usually sold for over $300 retail.

The impressive matching hands can be seen in the ad and were sculpted by Dwight Shundo, and featured separately cast blades on the left hand in the ad. The Standard Predator was actually a pretty decent sculpture, but the subpar paint scheme left a lot to be desired.

What made this ad so special was in addition to an already bad-ass Predator it also featured the Distortions Leatherface series! The whole head deluxe edition pictured on the left of the ad was based on the TCM Part III design. In addition to the full head mask a smaller, less expensive, face mask was also offered.

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