Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1993 Death Studios Catalog

In our third post on Death Studios catalogs, we'll take a look back at the '93 line-up which featured a nice balance of new and old.

The impressive new additions included the John Smith/ Harry Inman sculpted "Cerebus", "Boris", "Scarecrow", "Hex" ,  "Ram Demon", "Experiment B-50" prop head, and the wicked rotting demon "Mr. Skin".  In addition the catalog featured 4 movie monsters. "Swamp Witch" by Miles Teves, based of the Meg Knucklebones witch from  the 1985 film "Legend".  The third Death Studios Killer Clown "Shorty". The super creepy "Nosferatu" mask, and finally the "I, Madman" based on the Dr. Malcom Brand character from the 1989 film of the same title.

The catalog also featured some old Death Studios classics with new paint schemes as seen on the second page of the catalog. These include the "Cool Brown",  the purple "Invader" and  the "Albino Vampire".
Here's a pic of the copy of the Nosferatu I picked up back in 1993. Check out the hi-res photo for some of the nice subtle detail that is sculpted into the mask.

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