Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Ghoulsville Horror Decor Masks - Series 1

 The first series of the Ghoulsville oversized horror decor masks were unleashed on the world back in the September of 2016. I remember seeing them at Maskfest that September at the Retro-a-go-go booth and was blown away! Every aspect of these "masks" is jaw-dropping. The retro style designs, the incredible box-art, and of course the sheer size. These beasts measured in at just over 23 inches!

Over the course of the weekend, I bought three of these and they are still hanging in various locations at my abode. Even though the boxes themselves take up a ridiculous amount of space in my storage, I can't bring myself to discard them, as they are beautiful in their own right. 

Doug P’gosh was the designer of this series and, in my opinion, really knocked them out of the park. The series includes some clear homages to classic Ben Cooper, Collegeville, and even Topstone characters and they are just perfect examples of old school Halloween fun. Series 1 included 7 different designs which are all posted below...

Ghoulsville Series 1 - Cold Death

Ghoulsville Series 1 - Fun House Devil

Ghoulsville Series 1 - Big Frankie

Ghoulsville Series 1 - Electric Werewolf

Ghoulsville Series 1 - Green Slime Skull

Ghoulsville Series 1 - Vampyra

Ghoulsville Series 1 - Bloody Werewolf

Ghoulsville Series 1 line-up


  1. Hey mate,
    Any idea where I culd get old stock of Ghoulsville Horror Decor Masks?
    (besides Ebay and so on)


    1. Hey Ze,

      I don't have a suggestion for you other than contacting the Retro-a-go-go store to see if they have any old stock for sale. Good luck on your hunt!