Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mask Tag Tuesday: Darth Vader/ Armor All Tag

Greetings Creeps and welcome to the first post in a new ongoing series entitled Mask Tag Tuesday. Your ol' pal the Yellow Phantom has a serious stockpile of mask tags to share and I'll be doing so periodically on Tuesdays. The eventual goal is to create an archive similar to that of the Monster Mask Catalog Archive. Please excuse the heavy watermarking, I do not want to see these used to create counterfeit tags that are passed off as originals.

First up, is this Don Post Studios / Armor All promo tag for the Darth Vader helmet. This elaborate accordion style tag features some nice photos of late 70's DPS masks. A high-res un-watermarked scan of the masks is included below. Enjoy...

Image Source: Matt Post

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