Thursday, February 12, 2015

2010 Don Post Studios Catalog

While the 2000's saw a rise in the amount of licensed characters in Don Post Studios catalogs, the 2010 DPS catalog really went above and beyond what was previously expected and set a precedent that would continue through the company's final catalogs over the next few years. With 20 licensed characters, the 2010 lineup was a high water mark for what was obviously an aggressive push to include more licenses including Rob Zombie's Halloween and Devil's Rejects, SAW, Leprechaun, Jeepers Creepers, Hellraiser, Donnie Darko, to name a few.

There are a handful of original designs in this catalog that might prove one day to be real Don Post Studio classics including the "Bug-Eyed", "Green Gary", and "Poker Face" monster masks...

Don Post Studios - "Bug Eyed" mask

Don Post Studios - "Green Gary" mask

Don Post Studios - "Poker Face" mask

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