Monday, January 5, 2015

"Studio" Featuring Don Post

This ten minute video by Marc Browning focuses on the process of Don Post creating a "People Eater" mask. Throughout the video Don talks about the history of the studio and his own artistic interests. Judging by the masks that are shown, it's a safe bet that this video came out around 1987-88. This is a great watch with some wonderful behind the scene factory shots of Don Post Studios...

Video Source: Matthew Post YouTube

Sculpting the "People Eater"
Master copies of "'Malone' Creature", "Peter", and "Erik"
Master copies of "Erik", "Werewolf", and "Wolfman"
Master copies of "Mummy", "Whambo" and "Jukebox"
Master copies of "Quasimodo" and "Skull"
Don pouring up a "People Eater"

A gorgeous copy of "Sticthes"

"Golda La Goon", "Nostro" and "Gastro"
"Schiziod" and "Alien"
"White Fang", "Lucifer", and "Tor"
Putting the final touches on the "People Eater"
Don displaying the "People Eater" mask


  1. Love these videos! I love seeing older footage like this! And all of that mask goodness!

  2. I couldn't agree more Dave. SOOOO much mask goodness in these vids.