Friday, November 7, 2014

1990 Great Cover Up Catalogs

A double-feature is up next for day four of the Great Cover Up catalog week. In 1990, two smaller sized catalogs of GCU masks were released, and both can be found here in one post...

While not "monster masks", Personally, I LOVE the "Easter Islander" and "Diver" masks found on page 2...

Catalog scans provided courtesy of Matt Post


  1. I think my pop worked on "The Blob" mask, at least I remember seeing it in production.

    And the "Bug Eyed Monster" is definitely one of his, it's a remake of a mask he had done years earlier.

    In fact, I had no idea that it had ever gone into production!

  2. That's awesome Mantan! The Bug-Eyed Monster sculpt is killer.