Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Monsterpalooza 2014

Once again, Monsterpalooza was a simply amazing show. The quality of the work in the room is jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring. It seriously boggles the mind that there were so many talented monster makers all under one roof. However, for me, the highlight of the show is the people. It was great to see old friends again, and meet a few new ones along the way. The only regret was not being able to stay longer, and see more. I was in and out in just 48 hours, and missed the entire third day of the show. Alright, in full transparency, there's one more regret... I took some pretty bad photos this year. Most were blurry. I should have known better from last year's 'Palooza, and brought a real camera with me.

Fortunately, there were some folks there who did take some great shots, and have already begun to post them online. I ran into this excellent photo gallery on Monster Mayhem of the Monsterpalooza Museum posted by the Maskahuna.

Here are the small handful of shots that I'll share. Even most of these are slightly blurry, but better than nothing at all. So here is a mini recap of the show...

Norman Cabrera's amazing display

Casey Love Designs

Night Owl Productions

Midnight Studios FX

Aaron Lewis' booth

Jordu Schell's wearable mask line

Jordu Schell's incredible "Winged Imp"

More of Jordu Schell's work

Josh Wasylink's "Goblin" mask

Mikey Rotello's Monster & Bride

Charlie Hernandez' stunning display.

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  1. Alejandro LawrenceJanuary 20, 2016 at 9:06 PM

    Love the Hernandez Alien in the last picture. I'm saving up my money for 2016 Monsterpalooza can't wait.