Monday, August 15, 2011

Devil's Workshop - Super Frankenstein Relica Mask

As many of you know, the ol' Phantom occasionally likes to make a mask or two of his own. Last week marked the occasion of just such an event when the Devil's Workshop  Super Frankenstein Replica Mask went into production. While the Super Frank debuted at Maskfest this past Spring, it hasn't been available on the Devil's Workshop site until now. The edition will be limited to 25 copies and can be ordered in a faded retro green or putrid purple color. Any monster kid will recognize the iconic illustration that the replica is based on...
Devil's Workshop Super Frankenstein Replica Mask


  1. There's a great memory. I think I stared a hole through that ad when I was a kid. You did a bang up job on it. I dont know why I like the purple more, I think it just works!

  2. I hear ya CF, I loved the ad as a kid (and still do!) The purple started out as an experiment and I'm glad I tried it. I definitely prefer it over the green myself.