Saturday, July 2, 2011

Death Studios 1996 Catalog

The 1996 Death Studios line-up was yet another blockbuster that debuted some all-time classic DS monster masks. The entire first page '96 catalog featured new editions, as did several of the masks on the second page. The catalog not only showcased several amazing new masks, but also featured more props than any other Death Studios catalog before or after 1996.
 The first mask pictured in the catalog is one of Death Studios' most impressive offerings of all time, the massive Klownzilla. In addition, the Shorty mask rounded off the DS Killer Klown line-up with a fourth character.

The updated version of Cutter is still my favorite original vampire monster mask of all time. Originally sculpted in the mid-80's, this re-sculpt was a wonderful edition to the '96 catalog.
1985 Cutter Mask
1996 Cutter Mask
 The huge 7th Voyage Cyclops was offered in two versions, one a wearable mask limited to 500 copies, and the other as a foam filled prop with an acrylic eye was limited to 100 copies. 
Death Studios 7th Voyage of Sinbad Mask
More so than anything, 1996 was without a doubt the year of the wolf at Death Studios as 6 new werewolves were introduced into the Death Studios line-up. The new werewolves included Darren Robert's Hell-Hound and Werewolf Trophy, Doug Goins' amazing White Wolf, Dennis Beckstrom's Man Wolf, along with 3 new variations of Henry Alvarez's Bad Moon!

The Shock zombie was a killer modern tribute and homage to the Verne Langdon Zombie mask.
Image source: NightOwlGhoul

It's worth mentioning that the Anubis mask has been a Death Studios staple since it's release 15 years ago in this catalog!

I was fortunate at the time to have ordered two masks (Klownzilla and Cutter) from the catalog for use in our home haunt in '96...
Death Studios Klownzilla Mask
Death Studios Cutter Mask
Here's a couple of poor low-res pics of Klownzilla in action in the Haunted House...


  1. 1996 was an awesome year for Death Studios. Didn't they have more wolf masks than anyone else at the time? That catalog was most impressive.

  2. Phantom, some great talent here. Love the Sinbad Cyclops!