Monday, October 3, 2011

Sonny Acres Farm Costume Shop

Yesterday was a beautiful early autumn day in the Chicago area, and I was lucky enough to find myself at one of my favorite places to visit in the fall, Sonny Acres Farm's costume shop, which is located about an hour west of the Phantom's crib. The farm itself is magical come autumn, with several barns dedicated to Halloween props, decor, and two haunted barns. In addition, there are a good number of rides and food stands for kids and families. 
Entering the farm
The day was made even more special as my niece made her first visit to the farm on her 3rd birthday. It's amazing the happy smile you can put on a child's face with a spool of cotton candy and a ride on a train. For me though, the costume shop always brings the biggest smiles. I have a history with the shop that goes back about 16-17 years, when I bought my very first Be Something Studios mask there. And a year later I picked up my second BSS mask.

The costume shop was in excellent early season form on this first Sunday of October. Lots of Don Post and Zagone masks lined the walls, including the classic Don Post "Mask", "Carlisle" and "G. Howie Burns", as well as some all time favorite Zagone monster masks such as the Alpha She Wolf and Dorian.

The pictures aren't the clearest that I've posted here, and it was tough to get the majority of the masks shot as the place was packed. But these give a glimpse of the mood and atmosphere of the shop and about half of the masks on display...

This witch has greeted visitors outside the costume shop for years!
The Sonny Acres Costume Shop


  1. There's something cool about rows of monster masks inside an old wooden barn :)

  2. Back around 1997 they had some OLD DU and DP classics. I know they had a Green Witch and Skull from Halloween III. I can't remember the reason but I never picked them up...BAD move on my part!

  3. You and me both! I missed out on those too.