Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mars Attacks! Masks

The Mars Attacks! monster masks, featured in the promotional flier below, were released in 1997 by Cinema Secrets which acquired the official license to manufacture the series...
Mars Attacks Masks
Both a Standard Mars Attacks! Mask and a Deluxe Edition Mars Attacks Mask were produced. The Deluxe Edition was the larger of the two measuring in at an impressive 20+ inches compared to the smaller 16" Standard Edition. Both featured bright colorful paint schemes with the primary difference being in the color of the brains.
Mars Attacks! Deluxe Mask
Mars Attacks Standard Mask
In addition to the two masks, a Mars Attacks! foam filled Display Bust was produced. The Display Bust measured in at a height of 19" and 6" at it's widest point. Even more impressive were the life-sized Mars Attacks Autopsy Body and the well-dressed Mars Attacks! Collector's Body.

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