Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FEARnet - Killer Clowns Compilation

 As haunted houses begin popping up, it's a perfect time to start posting videos and photos from home and professional haunts. So in the spirit of all that is good and fun about October, here's a video from FEARnet's Route 666 featuring some nice Killer clowns at work...

Some nice masks pop up in this video. While I won't even come close to attempt to catalog them all, here's a few:

Bump in the Night FX has a few excellent clown masks that can be seen including the Big Top Clown Mask, and the multi-faced Clowning Around
Bump in the Night "Big Top Clown" Mask
Bump in the Night "Clowning Around" Mask
Don Post Studios - Bitter Mask

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