Monday, October 10, 2011

Rubber Gorilla Masks

I had one of those rare moments when a package shows up at the door and excitement kicks in like it did when you were a kid waiting for a box top send-away. The package contained two masks that came all the way from across the pond. The two amazing masks are from UK based Rubber Gorilla, and I couldn't be more stoked to see them arrive. Mrs. Phantom and myself treat each other to Halloween gifts each year, and this year I decided to get her the Rubber Gorilla "Hamble" mask to scare the neighborhood kiddies this Halloween.
Rubber Gorilla "Hamble" Mask
I first saw the mask this past April at Monsterpalooza. I was fortunate enough to have my table at the show across the isle from Neal Harvey's Rubber Gorilla table. I got several opportunities to inspect Neal's excellent work, and I knew back then that my wife would love a "Hamble" mask.

She was thrilled to death after opening the package, and posed for a few shots...

I also ordered a "Redfield" for myself. I think this will do the trick for helping scare the neighborhood kids in a few weeks. I've got the perfect black hooded robe to finish off the simple, but sinister, costume.
The Yellow Phantom posing in a Rubber Gorilla "Redfield"
I really fell in love with Neal's work back at Monsterpalooza, but I have to say after holding these masks in my hands, they are absolutely off-the-hook kick ass quality. Overall beautiful paint work. Great mask thickness.  The wear-ability of both masks is good. These can be put on, and taken off quickly, and are easy to see through and breathe out of. Last, is Rubber Gorilla's great modern horror character design. As far as modern psycho-killer masks go, Rubber Gorilla mask designs are unmatched by any other independent or mass-produced mask maker today. I will definitely be picking up more for next year!


  1. Amazing stuff. I found RubberGorilla a while ago, and I featured them on my blog too. I'd love to buy one of their masks sometime.

  2. Very creepy masks..congrats Mr. and Mrs. Phantom! Perfect choices for scaring up some tot's!

  3. That's cool that you pick another artists mask to wear for Halloween. I met Neil at MP as well. Something about his overall approach to the craft I freakin' love! His paint is great, I think its the black base I like. Great choices..the Hamble is one of my faves!

  4. Hey, As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure you and I met briefly at MonsterPalooza as well! It suddenly becomes a very small world that weekend.

  5. Glad we had the opportunity to meet Jimmy! My head was swirling that weekend with all the new faces I met. Are you planning on attending the 2012 show?

  6. Yeah, the same goes here..being my first time and seeing soo many artist's who's work I admire in one place, that it was pretty mind-bending. Yes, looking forward to 2012! I'll say hey again if you have a table.

  7. Definitely, I've got my table booked!