Thursday, October 6, 2011

Focus on Distortions Article - Ed Edmunds Interview

With the Travel Channel's "Making Monsters" having debuted last Sunday, and airing for the remainder of  this month, I thought it was a perfect time for another Distortions post.

Here is a two page interview with Ed Edmunds, the founder, owner, operator, and all-around big chief, of Distortions Unlimited. The interview appeared in Horror Hound #1 and we have Justin Mabry of Night Owl to thank for putting this together and asking Ed some good questions on how the studio ran...
The author, Justin Mabry and Ed Edmunds
A Young Ed Edmunds
Distortions Unlimited Mask Collage

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  1. I got to speak with Edmods over the phone after Jim told him that I really wanted one of his "Mutation" masks that been discontinued.... He pull the mold form storage Made one for me and hand painted it for me and even made it look "darker" with more purple shading as I had asked... Ed Edmonds... has my utmost respect in his profession...