Monday, April 30, 2012

Monster Maker Journal #1

Monster Maker Journal was released in February 1995 as the Organization of Amateur and Professional SPFX Make-up Artist's Magazine.

I have incredibly fond memories of Monster Maker Journal Magazine. I must have read through it's pages several dozen times. The issue sprung up on a shelf at my local comic book store in early 1995. It couldn't have arrived at a better time, as I had just begun my journey into making latex masks a few months prior to it's release. The magazine was packed with how-to info and loads of pictures. Much to my delight, it even contained several photos of monster masks by other aspiring artists and established professionals.

The monster mask fun began on page 14 with a profile on up-and-coming artist Jeff Prettyman...
Alien Mask, Beast Mask, and Vampire Sculpt by Prettyman
About a dozen pages later a nice write up on the Chiller Theatre Expo could be found. The article had some great shots of the Henry Alvarez display...

Henry Alvarez Spock and Freddy Krueger Busts
Henry Alvarez Colossal Beast, Robocop, Ragnarok, Dracula
The issue would wind down nicely with a Reader's Photos department that would also contain it's share of monster masks...

Gillman, Gorn, Dr. Smith, Strange Invaders
"Vic Rattlehead" by Ron Chamberlain, "Wild Ass" by Mark Fitzgerald,
and "Splatter Storm" by Eric Scherer
To the best of my knowledge, Monster Maker Journal would only release one more issue. Sadly, that issue would never make it's way to a shelf in my local comic store. As to not end the post on a down note, I did just find issue #2 online and picked it up for a mere two dollars! Once the issue arrives I certainly plan to post on issue #2 at some point in the future :)


  1. Wow, I forgot about this, I don't even have this issue myself anymore. So weird seeing my stuff again, crazy cool.
    -Jeff P.

  2. Glad you found the article here Jeff! I've adored the masks pictured in the magazine for many years now. They were a huge inspiration for me as a beginning mask maker back in '95.

  3. Cool. I still have #1, but Ive never seen #2, please post it if you can before you retire the site. Cheers

  4. Unfortunately, #2 wasn't nearly as cool as #1. The articles and photos didn't compare. And from a Monster Mask perspective, there were none.