Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 Don Post Studios Catalog

Fresh from the scanner bed, here is the 2012 Don Post catalog. In a departure from previous scans, I omitted the first 21 pages of make-up and appliances and got straight to the monster masks. 

The 2012 catalog builds on the large amount of licensed characters present in last years catalog. I counted a total of 34 licensed masks in this years line-up! As always, I've assembled a .pdf version of the catalog for download, just right click here and save. It's a bit large at 24MB, but the hi-res scans are worth it.

The highlight of the catalog, and the masks collectors have been waiting for patiently for since the prototypes debuted at Maskfest last year, are the Halloween 3 re-issues...

Don Post Studios - Halloween III Mask Re-Issues

Building on last year's "Back from the Grave" re-issues, DPS will be re-releasing the Vermillion Skull, as well as a green Veridian Skull as the 2012 Back from the Grave editions. Personally, I can't wait to finally get my hands on a Vermillion Skull, but the Veridian is the mask I'm the most excited about in the entire 2012 line-up. In my humble opinion, the mask represents pure Halloween goodness.

Don Post Studios - Vermillion Skull - "Back from the Grave" Re-Issue
Don Post Studios - Veridian Skull
For those of you who don't want the PDF, here are the catalog pages...


  1. Thanks for sharing! Great to see the Halloween III masks FINALLY seeing release! I got a kick out of seeing that they've aquired the license to "Motel Hell", as I was just watching that flick the other day. An odd choice, to be sure, but I LIKE the odd choices!!

  2. I'm a big fan of the odd stuff too. Between the Motel Hell, and last years Ghoulies and Swamp Creatures masks, it's a free for all over at DPS and I'm loving it!

  3. They arent producing the Vermilion Skull, Pumpkinhead, or Motel Hell this year due to not enough orders! I am so bummed by that news!!

  4. WOW. Really sad to hear the news. I was really looking forward to finally adding a Vermillion Skull to the collection this year :(

  5. thairs a bunch of us who want the pumkin head mask

  6. I got lucky and was able to still get my hands on the pumpkinhead mask and hands set. I had pre-ordered it months prier to the release date. The company who were suppose to get them obtained a few of the only few factory models made.

  7. How is the quality of the Pumpkinhead mask?

    I saw the initial release of the H3 masks at Maskfest, and they were sadly disappointing :(

  8. So many people would buy the Pumpkinhead mask. I seriously hope they re-think about making them :/ I was going to order it...

  9. It's really sad that DP is no more... and that the latest mask release quality is suffering so much. I miss American made masks. :( ToT Studios and Zagone are the best when it comes to mass-produced today.