Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monster Masks on Flickr Week Day 3 - Night Owl Ghoul

Some very dedicated mask collectors and enthusiasts have maintained Flickr accounts that are among the best monster mask resources on all the world wide web. Over the course of the next week we'll celebrate these terrifying treasure troves of monster mask photos.

The Night Owl Ghoul's Photo Sets are the subject of Day 3 of Monster Masks on Flickr Week. There are a good number of monster mask related sets that the Night Owl Ghoul has set up to share.  First off, this is always the place to check after any major industry event. Most are documented through the past Maskfests, Monsterpaloozas, and some Trans-Worlds.

In addition to these excellent sets, there are several individual mask sets. The Ghoul has the largest photo archive of Death Studios masks I know of online. The set covers a wide range of Death Studios history from new to old.

In addition, the Ghoul has smaller galleries set up for Don Post, Distortions and Trick or Treat Studios. As well as a set that has been dedicated just to monster mask catalogs!

One of the highlights of the visiting the Night Owl Ghoul's Flickr galleries is the massive Ben Cooper and Collegeville photo set...

Finally, is the Night Owl Productions Mask set which features a nice range of early and current Night Owl masks...


  1. Holy Cow! This is a goldmine of references! Thx Phantom!

  2. You're not kidding! The Night Owl Ghoul's gallery is one of the best sources of mask photos anywhere.

  3. Thank you again good Sir Phantom ... went to look up "Images" of "Death Studios Masks".... and this is where "Google" took me..... Cool

  4. Cool images.... Liked seeing the Bernie Casey "Gargoyles" mask....!!!
    I remember holding one of the "Proto-types" of this great mask.... they had troubles with the "paint" bonding properly.... Great Post good Sir Phantom...

  5. Hi good Doctor! Man, it must have been cool to pop open boxes from Distortions and Don Post Studios back in the day and see prototypes! I can only imagine how much fun it must have been