Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Here's some shots of the Phantom's crib from yesterday afternoon and evening.  A decent sized branch fell from a neighbor's tree a few weeks ago, so I built two new scarecrows for the yard this year, giving us a total of five. We also had a new addition in the form an animatronic Distortions "Grandma" which was a huge hit with the kids and parents alike. The street was packed with trick or treaters from four o'clock until about eight, with some stragglers still stopping by until about 8:45.
The house at about 4pm. We used the graveyard fence I built last year to surround the yard, and it held up really well. I think I can get several more years out of it!
One of the scarecrows I built last year. Inspired by the Pumpkinrot blog!

Our animatronic zombie.

One of our new scarecrows in the foreground. My oldest scarecrow to the right.

Close-up of the new guy

Another of last years scarecrows

My first and largest scarecrow. He stands about 14 feet tall.

A view from the east side of the yard

Close-up of the big guy
A nice view of one of his claws

Our newest member of the family... Grandma

Pumpkins waiting for dark

Our other new scarecrow

The house at about 5:45, the lights are starting to take hold!

Our flying crank ghost and friends

The graveyard on the west side of the lawn

One of the new scarecrows w/ a flicker bulb inside his head

The house at about 9pm, the trick or treating has ceased.

A Death Studios Skull mask in the attic w/ a strobe light

The stairs leading the the front door.

There were several kids that refused to walk up the stairs and ask for candy. There were even a few that were crying standing a full house away.

The graveyard Zombie. One of the few items that I didn't make. We picked him up at Spirit last year, and he's great. He freaked more kids out than anything else in the yard.

Death Studios "Cadaver" prop, in a wooden casket

You can barley see  Uncle Creepy in the window behind the scarecrow on the right

Grandma rocking away

Devil's Workshop Uncle Creepy mask in the window
Inside in the Dining room corner

Atop the dining room hutch
That does it for another year! Hard to believe it's come and gone. But, it was a great night hanging out with neighbors and handing out candy. The yard haunt is fully dismantled. I always tear down on Halloween night. I love taking my time in the calm cool night air. Today it all goes away into a dark corner of the basement... until next year!


  1. So awesome! The outside with the lights is uh-mazing! Love the vintage stuff inside as well. Happy Halloween!

  2. Thanks Jenn. Happy Halloween to you!

  3. Great display and really nice scarecrows. Uncle Creepy looks awesome peeking out the window. Happy Halloween Phantom!

  4. Really Cool! Your pics came out excellent. I love the scarecrow and the spit-up on the hag, lol!

  5. Wow!


    Such amazing stuff!

  6. WOW! Great Haunt. SO many great concepts. I am going to "borrow" from you next year ;)

  7. Awesome haunt Phantom. There is so much going on, and all of it is amazing!