Friday, November 11, 2011

Carol Hick's "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" Mask Flyer

It was sometime in '96-97 that I received this flyer in the mail from Dr. Lady...

I think this was Carol Hick's fourth mask, and quite an ambitious undertaking at that! I always loved the idea that a special "Jan-in-a-Pan" version could be purchased that included the pan and full lab apparatus kit. Certainly one of the most unique retro-style masks to be offered through the years.


  1. can this bust of the brain that wouldn't die still available? i would like to purchase one please contact me at with infomation... thank you.

  2. Hi Felix-

    I don't know if the mask is still produced or not. You could write David Lady, his current address is on the flyer in the post.