Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Weeks to Maskfest...

The Count Down to Maskfest 2011 continues on with a quick look back at the Night Owl Productions table at Maskfest I. In my humble opinion, Justin from Night Owl "gets it" more than any other independent mask maker when it comes to creating pure masks. Most of Justin's work contains a wonderful retro mask flare combined with a modern twist. The sculptures are top notch as are the paint jobs. Nothing is over done, they all still feel like masks, which is exactly why I love these.
The Night Owl Maniac,  Sewage, Briefer's Frankenstein Monster, and Shock Monster
Wrightson Monster, Vengence, and Night Owl Shock


  1. Oh WOW! The "Revengence" and Wrightson Monster are downright incredible!

    The Night Owl "Creep" may be the single best representation of Michael Myers I've ever seen in a reproduction mask!

  2. Its a Vengeance, Not a Re-Vengeance. And its a Maniac Not a Creep! (;