Thursday, March 10, 2011

15 Days Until Maskfest...

Our Maskfest 2011 countdown continues on today with this custom painted Don Post Deluxe Uncle Creepy Mask.  As much as I love all the dealer tables at Maskfest, I also look forward to the monster masks that collectors bring in for display at the show. This custom painted Creepy was on display at the 2009 Maskfest, and it was the first time I saw one in person. The eye inserts really bring this piece to life!
I'm planning a post to showcase the different versions of Uncle Creepy and Uncle Eerie in the future. In the meantime, here's a few glimpses of the Don Post Deluxe Creepy as seen in Famous Monsters Magazine in the classic Captain Company ads...
Don Post Uncle Creepy Deluxe Mask Ad


  1. Where can I find this mask for purchase?

  2. This is not an easy mask to track down as it's been out of production for several decades. If you're patient you can find one occasionally on Ebay. Or, you can try going to the and posting a request on the "Wanted" board.

    Good luck on your quest!