Sunday, March 27, 2011

Return from Maskfest 2011

Dear God man, we made it out alive! Less than 24 hours ago I had my doubts...

Upon arrival my grandiose plans for multiple Maskfest updates over the weekend were thwarted when I discovered that the hotel charged $10 a day for an internet connection. My trusty laptop was rendered useless and my apparent need for a smart phone became painfully obvious. What to do? What was there to do other than make the best of the situation. And what a situation it was. There we were, smack in the middle of the biggest and most beautiful Maskfest of all!

Smooth Strange Frank
Night Owl's amazing new creep
Don Post with the new H3 prototypes and the green EA skull
Tonight the report will be brief. Rest is needed. Sleep has been deprived. Animals all of you. You know who you are. Three and a half hours of sleep the first night didn't slow us a bit, but after last night's shenanigans and the trip home,  must keep this short. Tons of pics and scans to come after a good night's recovery from the madness that was Maskfest 2011...


  1. Oh holy CRAP those Don Post masks look incredible! Diggin' the Night Owl and Glenn Strange Frank as well!!! WOW! Cannot WAIT for more pics!!!

  2. As always it was fun to see the Yellow Phantom and his table of ghouls. How does an entire mask-filled weekend pass by so fast? Maskfest 2011 was truly a blast and I look forward to the next one...