Friday, May 4, 2012

Disguise Inc - Goosebumps Monster Masks

In 1997 Disguise Inc. offered up this series of licensed Goosebump masks. While I never caught an episode of Goosebumps when it aired, I fell in love the the Haunted Mask episode after watching it for the first time last year. The "Haunted" mask can be seen here on page 8 of the 1997 Disguise Inc catalog...

Goosebumps Curly Mask, Horror Mask, and Haunted Mask
Goosebumps Haunted Mask


  1. So how much would this mask have sold for back in the day and how much would it sell for now?

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    1. thank you this was helpful

  3. I've tried many times on Ebay, cause they do seem to pop up every once in a while, and have lost every time. They were definitely around $20 in the 90's but now, at least on Ebay, it seems to go for quite a bit. Nearly or over $100 at least for the Haunted Mask piece.

  4. I didn't know if anyone was still looking for their own Haunted Mask, but apparently there is one for sale on ebay and is currently listed at $41 with free shipping, last I checked anyway. Hope that helps anyone interested. :) Thanks for this article, Yellow Phantom! I may have to put my own Haunted Mask up for sale too.

  5. Hehe, I wonder if they ever made an adult-size version of The Horror mask?