Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Devil's Workshop Krampus Mask

The Devil's Workshop Krampus mask was released this past Fall. These are full-head flexible latex rubber masks, cast super thick are extremely durable.  The first 10-12 casts will come directly from the master mold.
This Krampus mask stands at about 30' and is the tallest ever produced by the Devil's Workshop. Here I am with the first two..
Me and the Krampus' Look at the size of these beasts!
Krampus Mask Close Up - by the Devil's Workshop
To keep these unique  each will feature a custom color scheme. The first is white with grey hair / black horns while the second is yellow with brown hair and multi-color horns. I'm planning on a red hairless Krampus next, as well as a black w/ black hair. These Krampus masks are hand painted and haired. I was lucky enough to find some coarse goat hair from a farm in Pennsylvania for these.
Krampus Mask - by the Devil's Workshop
Krampus Mask #2 - by the Devil's Workshop