Saturday, December 3, 2011

02 Days 'til Krampus Night...

For those who are unaware of the Krampus, here is an abbreviated history... The legend of the Krampus is widespread throughout the Germanic Alpine countries of Austria, Bavaria, Hungary and Slovenia. In American terms, the Krampus can perhaps best be thought of as the "Anti-Santa", in that while St. Nick visits the homes of the good boys and girls, the Krampus pays visit to the naughty children. What the Krampus does depends on just how bad the child has been. The Krampus may deliver a whipping with a switch of birch branches, or even worse, take the naughty child away in his sack.

The first real glimpse of the Krampus in popular culture came from early turn of the century illustrated post cards, which are quite collectible today.  He was often pictured as a devilish character with goat horns, pointed teeth, and a long wicked tongue...

So, that is the very brief version. There is much information abound on the internet if you're curious. So, the question is, what does all this folklore have to do with monster masks anyway?

Well, it is on the night of December 5th, which is Krampus night (the night before St. Nick's Day), that the Krampuses will come wearing their masks. The masks are traditionally carved in wood and brandish goat horns of various sizes and lengths. In our modern times, these masks are painstakingly created by craftsman and command quite high prices. Make no doubt about it, those who wear the Krampus masks and costumes go all out. Here are several photos of modern wooden masks I found on Krampus Mania...

Source of Images: Krampus Mania

In my humble opinion, these are some of the fiercest and most frightening monster masks you can find in all the world. Especially when you consider the tale of the Krampus and the fact that for thousands of little kids in far away lands, this is the real life equivalent of the boogie man! Damn cool masks either way, I'm sure you'll agree.


  1. As a fan of all things weird and pagan I actually went to Austria just for this two years ago and it's pretty much one of the coolest/craziest things I've ever seen. If you want some more pictures to sort through here's a set of all the ones we took that include some videos of them in action and interacting with st. nick:

  2. Big thanks for the link. Absolutely insane!

  3. Whoa!! fantastic stuff. I wonder how many time the Austrian children get warned about the Krampus when their acting up. horrifying!

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    1. I don't know MrZombieJoe, the site that I found them on is German, and can't read a darn thing. But I doubt that any of them that I posted are for sale, I posted this back in 2011.

    2. This is MrZombiejoe. Thanks for getting back to me. These are WAY TOO BADASS!!!!! LOL