Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Morning Masks - Jason of Star Command

The highlight of Sunday mornings for any monster loving kid from 1978-79  was Jason of Star Command.  For myself, any glimpse of Sid Haig as the Evil Dragos and his round (square) table of villainy was enough to temporarily satisfy my youthful yearning for monsters.
In April of 1980, Fangoria #5 featured a great article on John Carl Buechler's alien creations, with some excellent head shots of a variety of kick ass alien masks.
 Here are a few close-ups from the article of Buechler's awesome alien masks used on the show...
Fly-Man Alien Mask from Dragos' table
Moth Head Mask from Dragos' table
Tehor Mask from episode "Frozen In Space
Adron Mask from episode "Face to Face"
Giant Dog Mask from episode "Little Lost Girl"
Space Spectre from "Secret of the Ancients" episode

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