Monday, June 6, 2011

Don Post 2002 Catalog (Part Two)

Welcome  to part two of the 2002 Don Post Catalog. If you missed it, click here for Part One of the 2002 Don Post Catalog. The Don Post Studios 2002 Catalog featured the release of the Rob Zombie designed monster masks. In typical Zombie style the designs were a wickedly over the top combination of old school kustom-kulture-fink with a modern neon zombie twist.
Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Mask
Rob Zombie's Top Hat Mask
Rob Zombie's Scumboy Mask
Don Post Studios - Rob Zombie Mask
The other pages posted today showcase some rather successful designs for Don Post including the Hairy Scary "Motor Head" which has now been in production for over a decade! As well as the oversized Huesude mask which is one of the modern Don Post classics. Still yet, some other 2002 designs will end up in the permanent "WTF?" category of monster mask lore.
Don Post Studios - Huesude Mask
Don Post Studios - Motor Head Mask
Don Post - Skull Mask
Mosquito Vampire Mask - What Up With That?
Here's some Halloween Prop goodness from the back of the catalog...


  1. Hi there! I wanted to ask... Someone I know has that Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe mask and I want to buy it, he says to make him an offer and I have no idea what it would be worth, any ideas?

    that catalog is great!

  2. Vertigo-

    I'm not sure what the value is. They to pop up on Ebay on a relatively regular basis, keep an eye out and see what they go for. Good luck!

  3. Hey! Love the blog! I have a question, maybe you can help me out. I know Don Post made the pickled punks props for 2002, but I'm almost positive they were other versions made in previous and maybe latter years. Does anyone know how many were in the series? I have maybe 10 that are made in the same likeness but don't know big they are from Don post. I have 4 from this catalog. Don't have the shrunken head and piranha one. Just hoping someone could help me.

  4. Hi Dave! I really don't know about the Pickled Punks. It seems like several companies were releasing jarred specimens throughout the 2000s. If I can get my hands on some other catalogs I'll certainly post them. Good luck on your quest!

  5. I picked up that Scumboy mask back in 03. It was a great mask, it still sits on my desk in my studio, but the air has made it very brittle. Those Rob Zombie masks were great. I am always on the hunt for them. I have found a few that go on EBAY for over 100. If anyone out there has these masks I would be down to purchase!