Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pressman Space Creaure Masks

Space Creatures Masks (Zordius, Megathor, and Vorkan) were released in 1978 by the Pressman Toy Corporation. As if these build-it-yourself masks weren't oozing of bad-assery to begin with, Oscar award winning make up artist Dick Smith designed the three characters. This full page ad comes from page 5 of Fangoria #2 and features some fun makeup kits with the Space Creatures taking center stage.
Megathor, Vorkan, and Zordius
I've never had the pleasure of seeing any of these in person, but a quick search on Ebay yielded a score of nice images of each of the three Space Creatures...
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  1. I vaguely recall seeing these in stores as a kid. Incredibly cool concept!

  2. I had the Zordius and the Megathor masks. The plastic was super-thin, like old-style Halloween masks of the time. I made the Zordius into a Darth Vader mask because it was much cheaper than the Don Post.