Thursday, September 24, 2015

More Maskfest 2015 Photos

While pursuing Instagram for Maskfest '15 photos to include in yesterday's post, I was struck by Creeper_Jake's excellent multi-photo collages. Here is a sampling of what Jake shared from Maskfest...


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  2. Great sculpts on all of these. It's amazing how much artistry there is in the mask making industry these days.

    I particularly dig that subtle clown. Not overtly scary, but with those dark eyes...

    1. Yeah, it's amazing how many talented artists gather in location for Maskfest. That clown was super creepy in person. It was made by Conor Deless, who is a SUPER talented mask maker.

  3. Man, I absolutely must get a copy of the Fulci Fat Boat Zombie AKA Captain Haggerty mask from TOTS when they become available. I love it!

    Gory Glenn

  4. WOW! That much talent under one roof is intoxicating.