Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Maskfest 2015 Photos

It's been no secret around these parts that the Maskfest weekend is the Yellow Phantom's favorite weekend of the entire calendar year. There's nothing else quite like it... seeing old friends, making new friends, talking shop, talking smack, sharing several libations, and of course being surrounded by a literal sea of rubber. It's hard to imagine that last year's fest could be improved upon, but it was indeed. The massive influx of new mask makers, first time Maskfest vendors, and returning veteran artists made for the largest gathering of masks and mask makers under one roof that anyone has ever witnessed. It was truly awe inspiring!

I have long given up on trying to take my own photo coverage of Maskfest. It's too easy to get caught up in conversation to attempt to photograph even a fraction of the work on display. For this year's coverage, I've decided to pull photos from Instagram and have credited the sources whenever possible. Unfortunately, these photos don't cover all the amazing artists that were on display, but they offer a good glimpse. More pics coming tomorrow...

Image Source: Kreepylady

Marc Sampson's stunning array of masks
 Image Source: Germfacekilla

Anthony Kosar's display
 Image Source: Kreepylady

Jordan Patton and his Pumpkin Patch Pete creation
 Image Source: Burchroots

One of the many pieces Chris Marchwinski had on display
 Image Source: Kreepylady

Image Source: Monstamahm

Marc Sampson's "Mumra" mask
 Image Source: Clintonharman

The Devil's Workshop display
 Image Source: Clintonharman

Alter Ego resin piece
 Image Source: Clintonharman

Uncanny Valley's stunning All Hallowed Trio
 Image Source: October_Dreaming

Andrew Santagato's Mr. Pratt bust
 Image Source: Slipknotone

Assorted Maskfest Goodness
Image Source: Bryann Fyfee

A few pieces from Mabry's Monsters display
 Image Source: steveanddestroy

Raging Zombie's display
  Image Source: steveanddestroy

Mikey Rotella had some of my very favorite pieces of the show.
The blue ape and floater zombie were both stunning!
 Image Source: mikeyrots

Aaron Lee's Display
Scott Jenkins' Evil Jinx display
Image Source: evil_jinx_studios

Creepshow Studios display
Image Source: creepshowstudios

Conor Deless' lifesized Lo Pan was easily the best in show at Maksfest '15.
Image Source: jasonmania

More amazing Maskfest wonderment
 Image Source: spray_or_die

David and Laura Lady's display
   Image Source: steveanddestroy

The stunning work of the Nightmare Force. Voted best new artist's of Maskfest '15
 Image Source: kateannmarlow

Jordu Schell's masterpieces
 Image Source: Creeper Jake

One of Casey Love's many amazing masks
 Image Source: naptownfish


  1. It was awesome to finally meet the Phantom in person - I ran over to The Devils Workshop table to swoop up my favorite masks as a first! I am a very proud owner of some amazing art and masks from this year's show. Casey Love made me a special pull of my favorite all time mask - his Cycloplasm which was a real honor. This year was an awe inspiring display of talent, and like you Phantom it's become my absolute favorite weekend in the year.

    Getting to meet and talk with my mask heros Pete Infelise, Justin Mabry, Jordu Schell, Ed Edmunds and hanging with my pals Casey Love, Monte Ward and Eric Fisher made my year!
    Can't wait till the next one already ;)

  2. It was great to finally meet you in person Ryan! It's a shame that the next Maskfest is almost a year away.