Saturday, November 14, 2015

More Don Con Photos

One week ago today, in sunny Burbank California, DonCon was opening it's doors to the public. These photographs of the event come from the Flickr gallery of Aaron Lewis who captured the  weekend for all to see...
The guest of honor being introduced to the crowd

Danny, Ed and Marsha posing with some friends

Don Post & Frankie posing with a copy of Lee Lambert's book

Lee Lambert, Frankie, and Daniel Roebuck posing in front of the
Unimart Monster Daze display

Bob Short sculpting a Nosferatu / B.Garret Theda Mashup

Don Post and Aaron Lewis

Lee and Danny sharing a laugh during a Q&A session

Trick or Treat art director Justin Mabry sharing stories with former
Don Post Studios sculptor Bob Short

Former Don Post Studios employees answering questions and
sharing stories with the crowd

Don Post posing in front of the Unimart Monster Daze display with Ed and Marsha

Joel Grossman's posing with his massive Don Post mask cabinet

The DonCon exclusive 2016 Monster Calendar
Images courtesy of Aaron Lewis

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