Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Don Con Photos

DonCon weekend has come and gone; although the memories (and fatigue) still linger. It was a truly once in a lifetime event. To refer to it as anything less wouldn't do DonCon proper justice.

The best part of any convention is reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones. The smaller format of DonCon really helped to amplify this aspect. The majority of the weekend was spent hanging, laughing, and listening to tales of Don Post Studios' past. As a mask collector, I'm grateful to all those who came together to make the event possible.

Posted below are a variety of photos posted on Instagram by artist and Illustrator Eric Pigors. They are a wonderful summary of some of the eye candy that was on display...

A glimpse of the convention hall before the doors opened Saturday morning

Ed and Marsha Edmunds hanging out with the guest of honor, Don Post

Don Post posing with in front of the stunning Unimart Monster Daze recreation

A vintage photo of Don Post Sr. posing in front of the originall Unimart Monster Daze display

The actual Frank mask pictured on the cover of the "An Evening with Boris Karloff" LP

Joel Grossman's massive life-sized display case showcasing 1970's Don Post masks

Lee Lambert signing copies of his Illustrated History of Don Post Studios book

Image Source: ToxicToons Instagram


  1. This event was more fun than a barrel of monkeys! :) So much fun and it was really great putting the faces with the names finally. It was also nice having people to talk masks with for hours on end! So many nice folks there. It really was the event of a lifetime. The only thing missing was our fiend, err friend Dr. Lady. It was great meeting you Pete!

    Gory Glenn

  2. It was great to meet you at Don-Con. The Moonfan I bought from you has a nice (if cramped) home next to my DPS Bela Dracula.

  3. I looked for you, but couldn't find you. Was there first thing Sunday.
    Oh well.

    Got my fancy schmany deluxe book though!

  4. It was good to finally meet you too Glenn! Hope to see you at Maskfest next year man.

  5. Great to meet you too Richard. It's good to know the Moonfan went to a good home :-)

  6. Ah man, sorry I missed you plague. I was floating around the room most of Sunday, or hanging out behind my table. Good to know you got your book. I'm waiting for mine via mail. I didn't want to lug that beast around in my luggage!

    1. I think everyone was surprised just how massive and heavy the book is.

      Gory Glenn