Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dressed For Thrills Photos

By no means is the Phantom in the business of book reviews, so I won't start now. But, I received Phyllis Galembo's book Dressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes & Masquerade as a gift this past December, and I've been meaning to mention the  amazing photography which graces it's pages.

26 of these photos have been archived by the Visual Resources Center of the Savannah College of Art and Design. The beauty of these photos is obvious at first glance. Here are a few:

Manufacturer Unkown. (c.1940s).
Painted buckham mask, rayon hat. Photograph by Phyllis Galembo.

Collegeville Costumes. (c.1965).
Hairy Skeleton. Plastic mask with nylon hair, elastic fastener.
Photography by Phyllis Galembo.

Bland Charnas Co. (c.1965).
Vampire. Plastic glow-in-the-dark mask, rayon skirt and cape.
Photography by Phyllis Galembo.

Manufacturer Unknown. (c.1960s). Skeleton Mask. Vacuformed plastic.
Photography by Phyllis Galembo.

(c.1930s). Depression-Era Ghost Mask.
Ink on cotton pillowcase. Home Made.
Photograph by Phyllis Galembo
 Image Source: Eric Reber

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. We just ordered it.