Thursday, March 8, 2012

Devil's Workshop - Kit Builder's Magazine 1997

Recently, I dug up an old write-up featuring some of the earlier masks I made back in '96-97. I had sent off some photos to Kit Builder Magazine in the Spring of 1997. Much to my surprise they actually published the pics several months later!
Here are a few color pics of the masks pictured in the write-up. I have a nice scan of the actual color photo I sent out of the Tomb Rot Mummy Mask. Unfortunately, I don't have a scan of the exact photo of Dead Zombie prop. I wish I had a hi-res scan of the Goblin or Dead Head. It would have been nice to have had the foresight to archive these a little better.

The Dead Head prop was literally the second sculpture I had ever made into latex monster. Tomb Rot and Goblin were a few of the early masks that I really felt came out how I envisioned them.
Devil's Workshop - Tomb Rot Mask
Devil's Workshop - Goblin Mask
Devil's Workshop - Dead Head Prop