Sunday, July 31, 2011

Son of Svengoolie - Creature in 3D

Those creeps who were present at the Phantom's crib this past Friday spent the evening watching Universal's The Creature's Revenge in a slightly belated celebration of the 28th anniversary of the Son of Svengoolie's  broadcast of the Creature's Revenge in 3D. I was only seven back on July 28th 1982, but the event marked a milestone in my young life. This was my first exposure to the Creature from the Black Lagoon, which instantly became, and remains to this day, my favorite monster.
Let me set the table for those who are unfamiliar with the famous 3-D TV event. The Son of Svengoolie was the Chicago-land horror host from 1979-1986. The 158th episode of the Son of Svengoolie featured a special 3-D broadcast of The Creatures Revenge, which was run at prime time on a Thursday evening at 8pm. There is a wealth of excellent Svengoolie information and documentation of the event here.

For those who lived in and around Chicago, 3-D glasses that were sold for the special night at local 7-11 stores. I still remember clearly that Thursday afternoon, before the episode aired,  walking up to the 7-11 with my Mom, Aunt, and 5 year old cousin, to grab our glasses along with a few packs of Wacky Packages. This amazing summer day and night remains one of my most treasured childhood memories.

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While this particular event doesn't directly relate to monster masks, it certainly solidified my love of monsters and old school Universal Monsters. Of course, the Creature from the Black Lagoon is still a rubber monster suit, with a rubber monster mask.

To celebrate the anniversary of this awesome event, I'll be posting a series of Creature related articles and posts. Let's call it CREATURE WEEK here at the Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks.

Here are a few promos advertising the event, as well as the episode intro and the first break segment...

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  1. Fyi, Svengoolie is still around and just recently has gone national on the ME TV Network. Still the best in local television in the Chicago area.

    Great post.