Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Horrorshow #2 - Jordu Schell Feature

Horrorshow magazine was bar none my favorite publication from 2006-2008 featuring great articles on masks, garage kits, creature designers, and a whole lot more. I haven't seen a new issue hit the news stands in quite sometime now, hopefully we'll see more in the future.

Issue #2 was the first copy of Horrorshow that I had the pleasure of finding and it featured a huge 20+ page article on my favorite creature designer and mask maker, Jordu Schell! As if this wasn't enough, the issue winds down with a great article featuring a one-of-a-kind custom mask!

The One-of-a-Kind article written by Dan Dristiliaris features a killer custom finishing job from Aaron Lewis of Monster Mayhem. Aaron does amazing painting and finishing work and sculpts some of the best retro/ vintage style masks you can find anywhere! Check it...

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