Monday, October 11, 2010

Distortions Unlimited Mask Ads

Yesterday's post got me thinking a bit and I found myself combing through my old issues of Fangoria on the hunt for early 80's monster mask ads. My favorite ad came from the back cover of Fangoria #31 from December 1983.

This ad features my favorite early Distortions mask the Sycron alien! The design of this thing is perfect with the elongated skull and the cracked skin texture. One of Ed Edmund's true masterpieces! Another notable mask is the very rare Nightmare IV, the last in the 4 mask series. The Sixth Finger Mask (Outer Limits) is another highly sought after piece. Finally, the Zombie and the Rotted Corpse are also all-time Distortions greats (both were also re-issued as part of the Resurrection Series in late 1998). More can be found about the Resurrection Series on this post on the HMA blog.

Here's another old Distortions Unlimited ad I found from an early issue of Fangoria. Unfortunately, I have no idea what issue this appears in as I cut this out years ago and found it loose with some other ads. This ad features the classic Human Error on the left, and the Neutron Alien on the right. Again, both are also featured in the Resurrection Series. If you can get your claws on any of the 24 copies produced in-house at Distortions painted by Jordu Schell, they're worth the $170 price tag. You won't find them on the Distortions site, but if you give 'em a call or email they'll take care of you!

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