Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Month to Maskfest!

Your ol' pal the Yellow Phantom always gets geeked about the looming prospect of Maskfest, but this years line-up is really out of control. So many first time artists and vendors, as well as some returning veterans, has this year primed to be the best fest yet. Let the countdown begin creeps, and I'll see you all in Indy in one month!


  1. Very excited - with Casey Love returning and the many new venders it's going to be an awesome show! Hugely looking forward to "The Devils Workshop" lineup!!

  2. Yeah for sure Ryan! I'm looking forward to Casey's return as well as Darkside Paul. It'll be great to see them both again. Are you planning on making it in for Maskfest?

    1. Heck yeah Phantom, I am planning on being there this year! Too awesome to pass up. Will be there and hope to help Casey on his site before event. Eventually my goal is to attend the event as vendor with my humble monster masks in tow - working torwards that one!

  3. Very cool to hear you'll be there. It'll be great to connect in person!