Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Distortions - Meet my Favorite Ghouls! Ad

This Distortions mask advertisement came from page 50 of the November 1990 Fangoria and ran in several issues that followed. The massive Distortions Giant Borecon Troll mask with hands and feet was the overwhelming center piece of the ad. In addition, it featured a few of my all time favorite Distortions monster masks including "Ghost" and "Barry B. Bones"...

Here's a pic of my Distortions Unlimited Ghost mask which is shown in the ad above.  I picked this guy up at Disney World at a wagon stand right outside the Haunted Mansion back in 1991...
Distortions Unlimited "Ghost" mask


  1. Great ad.. Seems like every time I went to Disneyland as a kid, I went home with something scary like a mask, or a voodoo glow skull. Never the mickey ears or a giant sucker.

  2. Indded! That was the best part about going to Disney as a kid, coming how with a mask or a severed hand or something scary :)